Timeless Basics
The COSY collection consists of a few basic models and is known for the many beautiful colors. The COSY scarves excel in quality, in the use of natural materials and in timelessness. We do not work on the basis of trends, but expand our collection once in a while with new colors, an adjusted size, or a new model. SjaalMania The Cosy Store is therefore the trusted address where our customer can always find top quality plain scarves.
How and where are the scarves made?
All COSY scarves are made of high quality yarns that we purchase from the best producers in Italy and Inner Mongolia. These yarns are processed into timeless scarves in more than fifty colours. This is done by a Dutch family business with established knitting workshops in Europe. Our 70-100% cashmere scarves are produced in Inner Mongolia and have numerous certificates. So you will find the very best cashmere here and you will notice that, because these scarves also remain beautiful after frequent wear. Naturally , we ensure that people, animals and the environment are treated with respect throughout this process. We only work with honest suppliers with whom we build a good and close relationship.