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A good scarf is an indispensable basic in the wardrobe of the stylish, modern woman. A scarf in your color as an extension of your personality, with which you can style any outfit, and which you can wrap around you like a warm stole. A scarf made with as much respect and love as the way you will wear it.

Micky van Vollenhoven

ScarfMania The Cozy Store was started at the end of 2012 by Micky van Vollenhoven

"After 10 years working in fashion, everything fell into place when starting SjaalMania."

"I have always loved beautiful fabrics, even before I started working in fashion at TurnOver in the year 2000. For me a garment doesn't have to be very complicated, as long as it is made of a beautiful fabric/yarn. Seems so simple.... but finding a good scarf turned out to be quite difficult. A scarf must be large, of good quality and above all remain beautiful after frequent wear. I produce those durable, timeless items under SjaalMania's COSY label. Not every season a new collection, because when something is good, it is timeless."

Our vision

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. That is something SjaalMania strongly believes in and this is reflected in everything we do. From our customer service - in which we like to go a step further than you are used to - to the relationships we maintain with our suppliers.

Scarves that last a lifetime
The SjaalMania collection consists of 8 models and is known for the many colors. The SjaalMania scarves excel in quality, in the use of natural materials and in timelessness. We do not work on the basis of trends, but expand our collection once in a while with new colors, an adjusted size, or a new model. SjaalMania is therefore the trusted address where our customer can always find top quality plain scarves.
All SjaalMania scarves are made of high quality yarns that we purchase from the best producers in Italy. These yarns are processed into timeless scarves in more than fifty colours. This is done by a Dutch family business with established knitting workshops in Europe. Throughout this process, we ensure that people, animals and the environment are treated with respect.

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